We empower those who are experiencing unjust suffering by providing them with basic resources; a community here with a community there.

What Can I do?

get the ring tone. 100% of the proceeds will go to provide one person in Sierra Leone access to clean water.
text “letthemlol water” to 69937. $2.99 will be charged to your cell phone bill.
For iPhone users, search “letthemlol” on the store, purchase it for $1.29 and set it as your ring tone. The ring tone is the voice, empowering you to tell the story.

Purchase a shirt, jacket, or water bottle. Each purchase will provide one person access to clean water.
But it goes beyond fashion, it’s the future. As you wear the items, you become a voice, and they are an opportunity for you to share the story with others.

Get Involved with one of our Initiatives. Collect pop & water bottles, participate in the 5k, host or shop at a ltlol yard sale, attend the Gala, start a ltlol club at your school or organization, or come up with your own initiatives.

Donate one time or monthly and directly provide people access to life giving, clean water.

Visit the home page for examples of how others have gotten involved.

Become a let them LOL volunteer. Apply now.

What will ltlol do?

We will put 100% of donations designated for clean water & 100% of the proceeds from merchandise right where they belong, into providing clean water wells.
We will track your donation, and update our site regularly so you will be able to see the actual people you helped bring clean water to.

see the interactive MAP here