On 11/4/12 our dear friend Emmanuel passed away from an illness he’s been battling for a while.

Let them LOL first met Emmanuel in March 2010. There we saw the nasty stream he and his village drank from and pledged that we would put a well in his village. About a year later, we joyfully saw Emmanuel again in his village, this time with a let them LOL funded clean water well!

When we decided to build a home for orphaned children, we knew we would need a director. When our on the ground partner GOM recommended Emmanuel, our hearts were thrilled! So this past March, we opened Hope’s Rising Children’s Home with Emmanuel as the director. We were moved by his heart for the children as he told them that day: “today I am your father, because you have no father.”

Emmanuel wasn’t feeling well when we opened the home, but we felt he’d recover since we left him with medication. However, we soon learned his condition was worsening, so we sent him for further testing. The results showed that he had a terminal illness.

Due to his illness, Emmanuel could not continue serving as director. This was so hard and sad, however he remained our friend, and he asked if his three children could remain in the home. We agreed as both he and his wife had the same life-threatening diagnosis and were too ill to care for their kids, it was something tangible we could do, to love and care for his children.

Emmanuel died on Sunday. It was a heart breaking thing to learn. He is our brother, our friend. We are happy that his suffering is over but we will greatly miss him.

We would like to honor Emmanuel and his heart for children by starting a fund in his honor. We will use these funds to expand Hope’s Rising and give a home to more orphaned children, we will name our next building after Emmanuel.

Follow this link to give to the Emmanuel Memorial Fund.

You can leave a comment below on this page if you’d like to offer your condolences to Emmanuel’s children

Watch a video in memory of Emmanuel

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  1. ltlol says: (Author)

    Emmanuel, we will never forget you. We love you! We will watch over your children so they can have a hope for a better future. With love, Mommy Kate

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