Matt & Michelle

Let them LOL is a story of many people, a community coming together to give hope to those experiencing unjust suffering.Recently, Matt & Michelle were married. They decided  to use part of…
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What is Endless Water?

“Many people in the world today are experiencing unjust suffering only because they lack the most basic resources to embrace a better future.”Three years ago we came together to bring people clean water because we said “it’s not…
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Trouble Maker #3

When the team first arrived…
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Wearing Your Passion on Your Sleeve

Its been three weeks since I returned from my forth trip to Sierra Leone. It may seem counter-intuitive but going on the trips is the easy part. Let me explain: yes there's the 24+ hours of travel just to get there, yes its really hot, yes you…
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A Whole New World

We drove 6 hours to the place that would be my home for the next two years. We waited on the outskirts for the rest of the team to pull in.  Everyone standing around was staring at our white skin and trying to see the people who have brought…
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The Plastic Box

Saturday we welcomed two new orphaned boys Abdul (9) and Abraham (11) into our Hope's Rising Children's Home. These boys were living with their Aunt who regularly "flogged" them. They didn't get much food, and they weren't in school.Abdul…
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Thoughts from a Trip Team member

I was given two of the greatest gifts of my life in March of 2012.The first was the chance to join LTLOL on a trip half way around the world to Sierra Leone, Africa in order to film the trip.The second was a result of the first. It…
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A LOVE Perspective

The last few months have challenged my heart. Working to help those in extreme poverty sounds romantic. It will get you a pat on the back. People will think you are something special.But those things can not be the motive because…
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Thoughts from our Yard Sale Coordinator

I have had a few conversations lately about why I would choose to help people so far away from me (Sierra Leone Africa) instead of people right here in America. It is on my heart.. and it might help someone else make…
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TWO homes, ONE heart

These sweet faces are the children of let them LOL's Hope's Rising Children's Home. Children who were once orphaned or extremly impoverished are now a part of a family and have a new hope for a better future.…
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